Common Charge Fees and Suggested Maintenance

Unit Charges
Fees are per unit per month

Unit A - $468.01

Unit B -  $383.93

Unit C - $417.11

Unit D - $360.53

Suggested Maintenance
Note: These recommendations are at the expense of the unit owner.

It is suggested that a yearly maintenance is done on your chimney. Please send a copy of the bill from one of the recommended vendors to the management firm as proof of service.

It is suggested that water pipes are checked and repaired as needed by a certified plumber. Also note that plastic dryer vents are now a fire hazard and should be replace with a metal vent.

It is suggested that the water supply lines to the washing machines be changed to braided metal lines. The original supply lines were plastic. Please select a recommended plumber.

It is suggested that toilet tank inside mechanisms be replaced as needed. Many units still have the older parts that may cause leaking. Please select a recommended plumber.

Air Conditioners
Unit owners might want to clean/replace the filters on the air conditioning equipment.
Did you know there are 2 filters in the blower unit? There is a filter next to the bottom of the unit and also one on the top just before the main outbound air flow.   Please select a recommended contractor.

Gas Burners
It is suggested that unit owners schedule yearly inspections for gas burners with a certified contractor. Please select a recommended contractor.